Water and Flood Awareness - Module 1

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Course Overiew:

The world's climate is resulting in an increasing number of workers exposed to waterways and flooded environments.  Our Water Awareness course covers essential safety principles and basic bank rescue techniques.  Although some of this course is theoretical, a practical approach to learning is followed.

This is a highly informative safety and basic rescue course.

Course length :

6 hours (1 day)

Defra Level :

Module 1 - General water safety awareness training and basic land-based rescue techniques

Prerequisites :


Certificate valid for :

3 Years 

Course Information :

This training is designed to make people aware of the hazards associated with
water and to carry out basic land-based rescue techniques.
The dangers of working near water are explained and basic safety measures are
introduced to the student.
The session includes awareness of water-related hazards, water hydrology,
scene organisation, principles of water safety, varying rescue options including
low to high risk options and introduction to basic water safety PPE.
The training is split into separate units which cover the essential
knowledge and understanding plus the practical application of items of equipment. The practical units are delivered as dry land sessions.

As the course is Defra Compliant, the course covers elements required to achieve the Defra Module 1 certification.  (See bold type on Course Content below) 


Course Content includes :

  • Knowledge and understanding relating to Learning Outcomes
  • Water rescue standards
  • Hazards of the water environment
  • Locks and weirs
  • Ice, mud and other unstable surfaces
  • Under water hazards
  • Casualty ( human and animal )
  • Communications and visibility
  • Water/ flood and weather conditions
  • Safety measures when working near water
  • Defensive swimming position
  • Effects of cold water
  • Personal Protective Equipment - selection and care
  • Self rescue/ recovery
  • Basic rescue formula
  • Use of rescue equipment
  • Being rescued
  • Incident Management
  • Zoned approach 
  • Team Typing
  • Rescue or Recovery