Rescue from Vehicles in Water. (RVW)

Rescue from Vehicles in Water. (RVW)

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Course Overview :

This course is an excellent addition to a rescue teams core skills and also it is a route to revalidate the candidates Rescue 3 SRT.  The course provides value experience of how to operate around and in vehicles that have become trapped in water. The course is designed to refresh the SRT skills and put them to use with practical application solving tasks and scenarios training to develop operative safety.

Course Length :

2 Days

Defra Level : 

Non (Can be used to re validate SRT, Defra Mod 3) 

Prerequisites :

Valid Rescue 3 SRT (DEFRA Mod 3)

Certificate valid for :

3 Years 

Course Information :

This training is designed to make people aware of the hazards associated with
working in and around vehicles in water, expanding into operations of rescue in moving water using Sleds and Rafts as access platforms.
The course is a route to revalidation of a in-date Rescue 3 SRT certificate as the course covers the core competencies to work in Swift Water with the added considerations and hazard potential of a vehicle in moving water.