Swift Water and Flood First Responder - Defra Module 2

Course Overiew:

Training students in the identification and understanding their limitations to safely and effectively deploy water rescue equipment.  The course covers operating near, on, or in moving water appropriate to the limits of wading rescue.

Defra Level :

Module 2 - To work safely near and in water using land-based and wading techniques.

Pre Requisits :

Minimum 18 Years

Water Confidence

Certificate valid for :

3 Years


Course Dates and Costs :

Length Start Date Finish Date Cost
3 Day on request on request £625


Course Information :

This Module is aimed at selected operational personnel who respond to water
incidents and have available to them the correct PPE.
The Module introduces water rescue equipment including its safe and effective
use and progressively develops the student to be con?ident in and around water. As
well as learning how to read the water, the student will practice wading rescues and
self-rescue techniques appropriate to the risk, bank based rescues and shallow
water crossings, and unstable surface hazards such as mud and ice.


Course Content includes :

  • Scene management and dynamic assessment of risk.
  • Limitations of the water rescue first responder capability
  • Rescue Team Organisation
  • Team health, safety and welfare
  • Hydrology and associated hazards.
  • Use of appropriate PPE and Maintenance
  • Self rescue from water.
  • Rescue Formula
  • Unstable ground equipment
  • Wading Techniques
  • Flooding and associated hazards
  • Entrapment
  • Mud and Ice
  • Animals, Hazards and safety protocols,
  • Night Operations