Paddle Skills - Rescue Sleds

Course Overiew:

Feedback from both candidates and instructional staff attending Module 3 Swift Water Rescue courses has highlighted a lack of time to practise or develop paddle skills on moving water with rescue crafts. This course is to offers attendees the opportunity to gather techniques and practice time in the effective paddling of rescue sleds and rafts on swift water, using both tethered and un-tethered craft. Experiences from the recent floods highlighted the need for good paddle techniques to access stricken drivers or members of the public in flood water where there was no option for 2 -3 or 4 line tethers.

Defra Level :

Advised as part of Defra Standard of operation.

Pre Requisits :


Certificate valid for :

3 Years


Course Dates and Costs :

Length Start Date Finish Date Cost
2 Day on request on request £300


Course Information :

A classroom/ workshop based class aimed at equipping stores personnel and water
rescue or safety teams with the knowledge and practical skills to inspect and
maintain their water rescue equipment. The course meet the requirements of CFOA
Inland Water Technical Group and Defra‟s FRNEP who have identified particular
need for equipment inspection and maintenance.


Course Content includes :

  • The use of trim to influence performance in wind and current.
  • Equipment selection – Paddles and Boat Design
  • Control of craft down river
  • Breaking out of the current to a point of safety.
  • Breaking into the current.
  • Ferry Glides.
  • Edging in the event of broaching or side surfing.
  • Approaching a vehicle with a sled or raft on a single tether.
  • Extracting a victim onto a sled and retrieval.

Rescue Sled Workshop from Water Rescue Systems on Vimeo.