Rescue 3- WRT-Pro

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Whether you are looking to be safer on the water with family and friends or want to achieve the world wide recognised Rescue 3 WRT-Pro for your Raft Guide, Kayak /Canoe Guide or gorge walk qualifications then this course is the one for you.

The aims of the course are to train you how to look after your”Self”, your “Team”, the “Victim” and your “Equipment.” STVE, with swimming in white water, safety set up/ cover and rope work to sort out any river incident.

The course is as interactive as possible over the three days with water and rope time the priority.

Participants will need to be 18 years or older at the time of the course and able to swim in white water equipment.

Please ensure you bring suitable wetsuits or drysuits with a water BA, Helmet, Solid and secure footwear etc for the course to ensure your comfort throughout.

The price includes Rescue 3 registration fees and use of technical rescue equipment provided by Water Rescue Systems.