Mega Sled

Mega Sled

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The bigger brother of the the highly successful Swift Water Rescue Sled, the Mega Sled offers large volume sponsons to provide unmatched stability on moving water.   The open stern provides ease of access for both rescuers and victims, then when needed the WRS developed and Patent Pending "Transom Flap" is lifted to create a fully sealed dry deck area for flood operations.  

Fitted all round high strength Stainless Steel D- Rings, for use on Tethered systems and High Lines. The large open deck is capable of fitting a wheel chair and stable enough to transport in flood water with confidence.  

Mega Sled has a maximum payload of 1000kg when using the "Transom Flap" and 600kg when in the open configuration.  

Pack size is important and the Mega Sled is a company pack size for a craft of this size measuring 120cm x 60cm  x 35 cm once packed into its valise. 


  • High Volume Sponson Tubes- With a raised bow height the sled is able to handle swift water tethers and rescues reducing the risk of the bow diving when loaded with a rescuers or causality.  The high volume sled maximumises stability and confidence.
  • Inflation and over pressure valves - Leafield valves are used and are widely recognised as world leaders in valve manufacturing. Our valves all work with boat inflation kits.
  • Low profile grab handles - Fitted with 6 low profile grab handles, aiding team carries and in-water casualty management.
  • Airdeck hull - Using our factories world leading knowledge in stand up paddle board manufacturing we can offer inflatable hulls that match that superb shape, stiffness and form.
  • 3 Chambers - The sled is built with 3 separate inflatable chambers, providing added security should one of the chamber become compromised.
  • Reinforced hull - A additional fabric strake is added to the hull to increase durability in service.
  • Patent Pending "Transom Flap" converting the Sled from open back self bailing craft to a sealed dry deck area for transportation of flood victims were staying dry is preferable. 
  • 6 Person craft - The sled has been designed to carry 6 occupants happy in swift water with the Transom Flap down.  When Transom Flap is in use the capacity is 1000kg approx 8-10 people.  (Note the when Transom Flap is used the craft is no longer self bailing) 


Length - 363cm

Width - 180 cm.

Tube width - 52cm

Capacity - 6 people - 600kg / 1000kg with active Transom Flap

Weight - 38 kg

Propulsion - Canoe Style Paddles

Pack size - 120cm x 60cm x 35 cm 

Valves - Leafield C7 and A6 Pressure Relief Valves on each Chamber. 

Warranty - 3 Years 


Patent Pending "Transom Flap" design