Evacuation Sled

Evacuation Sled

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The Evacuation Sled has been developed to address the need for a small craft capable of evacuating people both injured and mobile victims from the flood water.  The Evac Sled is fully inflatable, pressured to 11 psi creating a solid fully floating platform.  The unique design allows the Evac Sled to be used as a flat mat or folded around the victim to create a dry craft.  When used in conjunction with the 1 ltr cylinder and Inflation kit the Evac Sled can be scooped under a victim in the water, then the 1 ltr Air cylinder can then be opened to encompass the occupant gently and securely. 

The drop stitch design provides excellent protection to passengers when being transported and is highly effective at extracting people from the water to a dry insulated environment.  



  • Fits through doorway - 660mm wide
  • Floating Stretcher with optional Head Blocks and Inflation Kit 
  • 6 webbing carry handles
  • Registered folding design can be used to scoop casualty 
  • Fully Inflatable - Small Pack Size and light weight
  • Dry Hull - Fully sealed to keep occupants dry when fully folded
  • 1 ltr Inflation kit assembly (Optional) 

Length - 180cm
Width - 64 cm.
Height - 40cm
Capacity - 1 person - 160KG
Weight - 9 kg
Pack size with pump and bag - 80 x 35 x30 cm