House Evacuation Sled

House Evacuation Sled

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The House Evac Sled has been developed to address the need for a small craft that is able to evacuate flood victims from within a building. Designed to fit through standard doorways and dock with a staircase. The HES is fully sealed to keep the occupants dry, once outside the HES is able to be docked to other WRS craft. The HES can be docked with the WRS Rescue Sled for increased stability or docked with the Flood Rescue raft for a secure transfer of the occupant.


  • Fits through doorway - 660mm wide
  • 6 rubberized carry handles - Positioned to make navigation through tight spaces possible
  • Dry Hull - Fully sealed to keep occupants dry
  • Docking straps - Able to be docked with Sled or Flood Raft

Length - 180cm
Width - 72 cm.
Height - 40cm
Capacity - 1 person - 90KG
Weight - 15.5 kg